Guest Blogger – @CheckYaDM

9 Apr

Thirst and Curving : Twitter’s Ultimate Downfall

It seems that the entire black online community (and the poor unfortunate white and Spanish souls that have fallen into our traps), has adopted a concept of “thirsting and curving.” A multi-dimensional problem that plagues timelines, mentions, and direct messages all at the same damn time. The topic of many-a-screenshot, the reason for ridicule and mockery (Has anyone heard from Doo Doo James?). The everlasting debate of what exactly IS thirst and how to handle it. Teams of thirsters, hoards of those seeking thirst and those who are the thirsted.

Understanding and defining thirst is perhaps the most difficult task at hand. How does one truly decipher the meaning of THIRST?

• Thirst is the act in which a thirster continuously gives you unwarranted sexual and/or overly friendly attention.

• Curving is the act of thirsted rejecting former said ‘thirst’ from the thirster.

Online users most commonly known for being exceedingly ‘thirsty’ are usually black males between the ages if 17-26, a part of the black twitter community, and of semi to decent standing in the looks department.

(Women can be thirsty but let us be honest… Women are just better at being subtle with their thirst tactics.)

But are they truly thirsty? Perhaps.

Let’s take a deeper look into the audience that has made the term and act of thirst so common.

Black women have taken it upon themselves to be the ambassadors of thirst patrolling. Even a onetime compliment on ones appearance is now considered thirst. Interest in a woman and what she has to offer, is thirst. Calling a clearly aesthetically pleasing woman beautiful is grounds for a thirst accusation. Commenting on a woman’s breasts that happen to be spilling out of their display pictures into your hands, is my friends, thirst. If we were to look at women who receive this ‘thirst’ on a day to day basis, we could come to the conclusion that these women have done something to receive this attention.

If a man tweets you “Damn shawty, I sho would fuck” moments after you change your display picture, maybe it’s time to take a quick peek at what you posted and consider the following before responding. Are you naked? Do you look sexually provocative? Can we see your face?

Does your biography say: “Outchea sucking a dick? #TeamFreak #TeamBigTitties #TeamIEatPussy #ButOnlyOnTwitterOnlyOnTwitter.”

You can then make the following choices:

A.) Thank the thirster politely.
B.) Tell that nigga to die 1,000 Somalian pirate deaths
C.) Follow back and DM right away.
D.) Block

At which point you can take it a step further, when you decide whether you will publicly curve him for all too see and laugh. You create an entirely public scene, of roasts and tweets that publicly humiliate. OR.
Accept the thirst in which you will continue on to a lovely Twttership in which you retweet, tweet each other and direct message confessions of your true love. To be honest, I think the entire idea of thirst is just a way for insecure women and men to feel wanted. When you reject someone you have the upper hand. You have the power. Public curving does wonders to ones ego. When you choose to embrace the thirst, you feel wanted. Someone finds you somewhat desirable. Even if it’s for five third-shift twitter days.

Either way, if you thirst, you feed those egos and at some point you will be curved and at some point it will be embraced. There are so many routes this life can take… that has become a part of our e-worlds. Is it slightly stupid and really fucking annoying? Yes. Is it going away? No.

Just remember in this day and age, when you see that beautiful… no face, big titty, thick hipped, tiny waist long leg, Indi Remi weave wearing bitch… and you do get to display the full extent of your thirst, and it’s accepted don’t start talking reckless shit when it all comes to an end… they can and they will #BigJamaal you.

Happy thirsting!

*Follow @CheckYaDM on Twitter for all the low quality nudes you can handle.*

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