Serious Inquiries

  • How long are we supposed to keep wearing leggings?
  • Do light skinned niggas claim Joe Budden?
  • Who should everyone subscribe to on YouTube that’s shaking that ass?
  • When you screenshot the amount of times someone likes yours pics on Instagram, are you validated afterwards?
  • Guys with uncircumcised dicks, how do feel about having too much turtle on that neck?
  • Who do we have to write letters to to bring Sprite Remix back?
  • Did people in Atlanta really say “I’m a J”?
  • Why are women so critical of other women?
  • Why aren’t there any public service announcements on women who falsely accuse men of rape?
  • How many employees does Chik-Fil-A need? Do you really need a person who watches the person who watches the person who watches the person who makes my sandwich?
  • Do girls run trains on guys?
  • Who takes the time to braid Mark Henry’s hair?
  • Who the fuck respects a Muslim with no beard?
  • Who takes these pics when y’all are “sleeping”?
  • Was Waldo always lost or was niggas being creepy and stalking him?
  • How do you explain this to Jesus?
  • Are you supposed to use fingers with the ass eating or nah?
  • How many years do you think white people complained about there being too much rap music on Madden?
  • How do gang signs work in Japan?
  • Who the hell told Welch’s to make these damned good fruit snacks?
  • Can you just go into any tattoo place and get your asshole done up? Or you gotta go to a special place?
  • Did Trayvon Martin die for this?
  • How can any grown man on the righteous path raise a product to his mouth called “Manwich” to disrespect his taste buds?
  • Why the fuck does the timing on a microwave go up to 1 hour? It takes that long to cook a baby?
  • Does everybody have a gay uncle?
  • Why are aliens always smart?
  • Why do your homies know about my vagina and the miracles it brings?
  • What do white people eat?
  • How it shoot if it’s plastic?

  • In 3-5 years, what explanation will you have for your forehead on how your lacefront took your hairline away?

  • How are you a college athlete getting bad grades?
  • Can you try on pants in the store without having drawls on?
  • What Zodiac sign has the most gays?
  • Who says “son of a bitch” with more conviction than Nick Nolte?
  • Am I the only girl that occasionally sucks her own nipple?
  • Is there a correlation between having sex with women and not listening to Drake?
  • You never went into a public restroom and got butt naked?….What kind of person is you?
  • How Chief Keef get a Pandora station before Azealia Banks?
  • At what age is it acceptable for white guys to tell each other that they love each other….heterosexually?
  • What these bitches want from a nigga?

5 Responses to “Serious Inquiries”

  1. Eq April 7, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    You’s a wild girl. I dig your whole steez. But you dont need to take pics touching your breast to get attention. YOur beautiful, your gonna get attention from being confident in yourself. Dude respect the sexuality part until they get some. Live Life and Love Eq8r…

  2. Marc April 24, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    This is the dopest blog I have come across in a long while. Socially conscience and hilarious. I officially fucks with it the long way. Keep it coming.

  3. bpepper112 April 25, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    I really enjoy your Serious Inquiries.. A few times i found myself actually pondering the questions…Again, I am so happy i came across your blog. I have seen nothing like it yet. You bring something totally different. The thought crosses my mind to maybe jot my own thoughts down one day by blogging myself… just for release.

  4. Jela Oba Okpara April 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    We should know this is a serious blog when big ghost chronicles sends us here.
    Solid work.
    Don’t stop.

  5. xnuzwc February 12, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    oJ3EbZ rlqpfguvzaxe

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